Marine Processing

    The State has a long coastline of over 580 km & innumerable water bodies, generating a huge potential for inland & marine fishing & providing it a prominent position in fish cultivation.

    A few highlights of the sector are as given below:

    • Kerala contributes to nearly half of India’s marine fish landing of Sardines, Shrimps, Lobster, Cuttlefish, Squid, Tuna. Marine products lead the list of food products exported from the state.
    • The total fish production in Kerala in 2017-18 was 6.73 lakh Tonnes. Apart from its contribution to GDP and employment, it stimulates growth in a number of subsidiary industries.
    • In 2017-18, marine products exports from Kerala aggregated to 1.78 lakh MT valued at INR 5,919.03 crores recording a growth of 12.26 per cent in quantity and 18.18 per cent in value.
    • Major importers & markets of Kerala’s marine products in 2017-18 were
      • South East Asia (66, 159 MT)
      • European Union (60,749 MT)
      • USA (14,354 MT)
      • Japan (8,597 MT)
      • Middle East (6,307 MT)
      • China (4,205 MT)
      • Others (18,275 MT)
    • Frozen shrimps maintained its position as a major item in the export basket accounting for 35.55 per cent in quantity and 49.41 per cent for earnings and recording a growth of 40.70 per cent in quantity and 34.70 per cent in value in 2017-18, followed by frozen fish and squid.