Kerala accounts for almost 85% of India’s natural rubber production. The State produces 0.6 million tonnes of natural rubber every year. The Rubber Park is in operation at Ernakulam. The second Rubber Park in Punalur (Kollam) is under development. The Rubber Board is located in the Kottayam District of Kerala

      2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
    AREA  (hectares) 548225 549955 550840 551050 548225
    PRODUCTION (Tonnes) 648220 507700 438630 540400 648220
    PRODUCTIVITY (Tonnes) 1695 1474 1480 1629 1553
    CONSUMPTION (Tonnes) 131,150 131,955 127,400 132,500 134,000
    Product Value in Rupees (Crores)
    Other Rubber Products except Footwear 703.29
    Auto Tyres and Tubes 482.65

    Kerala is the leader in rubber production. Kerala has the highest number of rubber products manufacturing units (~900). High demand of rubber has opened up immense opportunities for the state in the rubber sector. Kerala produces 95% of the total supply of rubber wood in India. Rubber and rubber based sector has always been a key contributor to the State’s growth.

    The Productivity during 2017-18 has been 1553 Tons and consumption has been 134000 tons. The Total exports from Kerala (2017-18) has been INR 1184.94 Crores.

    The state has a well-equipped footprint of rubber-based industries such as Tyre manufacturing, Footwear manufacturing (market size of Kerala values at INR 700 Cr) and other rubber-based product industries. Various tyres and footwear brands have gained global recognition and have high export demand and potential.

    To aid in the growth of the rubber sector, several research initiatives have been undertaken by the government including the establishment of the first Rubber Park near Ernakulam which is home to 33 rubber units as well as research activities. The Second Rubber Park is being developed in Punalur, Kollam. In order to provide value addition in the Rubber sector, Government of Kerala proposes to develop CIAL model Rubber Park.