• Export of Spices from Kerala was 100,076 MT valued at Rs.3905.18 crore in 2015-16
    • Exports from India touched 843,255 MT of spices and spice products valued at Rs.16,238.23 crore , with Kerala being the major contributor

    The export of spices from Kerala through Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram ports rose to 95,455.86 MT valued ₹4,152.96 crore in 2017-18 as against 84,418.84 MT valued ₹4,271.20 crore recording an increase of 13.07 per cent in volume and a decline of 2.77 per cent in value due to decrease in prices of spices.

    The share of Kerala in Indian export of spices and spices products recorded a slightly fluctuating trend in the last several years. It was 9.96 per cent in 2013-14, slightly declined to 9.12 per cent in 2014-15, went up to 11.87 in 2015-16, declined to 8.91 per cent in 2016-17 and rose to 9.29 per cent in 2017-18 in terms of quantity.

    Kerala’s export of spices and spice products recorded a growth of 0.18 per cent in 2014-15, rose to 22.71 per cent in 2015-16, went down to a negative growth rate of 15.65 per cent in 2016- 17, and went up to 13.07 per cent in 2017-18.